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      1. Plus Size All Jackets & Blazers

          Plus Size Women’s Jackets & Coats

          Whether you're aiming for edgy or professional, boho or bundled up, our plus size women's jackets and outerwear can make it happen. With seasonless styles and cozy pieces to take the chill off, you can shop our collection all year long, create a look that's totally your own – and do it all without breaking the bank at Fashion to Figure.



          With bombers, motos, denim jackets, and more, you can top your look off your way. Featuring the latest fabrics and cutting-edge details, our plus size jackets for women are trendsetting pieces that all your friends will covet.



          When it comes to creating a look that's work ready, nothing beats blazer. Perfect with jeans on casual days, pencil and A-line skirts, pants and trousers of any kind, and even shorts (with or without tights or patterned pantyhose), blazers can up your style game and your business quotient. And don't forget to toss one on over a sparkly tank or your favorite club dress for a statement-making look that deserves a double take.



          Staying warm doesn't mean that you have to dress in layer after layer of warm woolen whatnot. With our plus size women's outerwear, you can still look like you – but stay warm in the process. From short pea coats to wool wrap and maxi coats, the latest puffers to cozy parkas, you'll find them all in chic colors and with interesting details that let your personality shine through.



          When a jacket or coat is too much, but you still need something to keep you warm, vests are the perfect solution. Try them with leggings, a turtleneck and boots for a sexy après ski look, toss one on over jeans and a long-sleeved tee for a casual weekend vibe, or pair one with your favorite skirt and turtleneck, and stay warm without hiding your outfit under a coat.



          Naturally ethereal, dusters have a casual boho vibe that's always chic, but they're also among the most versatile plus size outerwear for women. Seriously. Top a mini and tank or your favorite club dress with a duster and it instantly becomes something you can wear to work, then out for a night on the town. Or slip one on with your favorite boyfriend jeans and sandals for a cozy look that's also incredibly cool. You can even wear a duster with your favorite work pants and boots for a casual, but glam take on your usual 9-5.


          Because you should never have to sacrifice your style for work, winter weather, or cool temps, our plus size women’s jackets and outerwear feature flawless cuts and trendy details that are all about you. And in fabrics and styles you can wear all year long, they're the perfect way to top your look.

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